How to treat obesity?

Centar za nutricionizam i dijetetiku inga markovic

Obesity is the condition of excessive accumulation of fat in the human body. That is a disease signified with a code E66 in the medical documents. Obesity defined with the body mass index or BMI higher than 30 is the main factor for the increasement of getting heart diseases, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, as some types of cancer. Clinical complications caused by obesity decrease the quality of life, ability to work, and the lifetime of those that suffer from them. Fatty food, genetics, life habits, psychological factors, and some metabolic disorders play the main role in the development of obesity.

The excessive intake of fatty foods that is definitely tastier, as well as the high intake of carbohydrates, leads to obesity. Fatty food is a lot cheaper than fruits and vegetables, so as unhealth snacks, which are also factors that lead to gaining weight. By analyzing our diet, we can conclude that our everyday diet is based on eating fatty meals, cheap food like carbohydrates, and industrially produced food, while fruits and vegetables are rarely on our menu, which has led to the pandemic of obesity everywhere in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that the only way to get out of this situation is to change our dietary habits and increase physical activity. However, only medical-nutritional therapy can provide us with wise obesity treatment and dietary changes since it will not put our body in deficit with certain nutrients.

A healthy human body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals every day. Getting treated with a medical diet is the most effective and the only accepted medical model of treating obesity. Medical-nutritional therapy is the only accepted diet therapy that a certified dietitian-nutritionist gives prescribes, overviews by a doctor that set a diagnosis. That type of diet-therapy requires biochemical analysis of blood and urine that are the foundation of the following course of the treatment.

Diets based on the evaluation of the nutritional status only, as well as unjustified medical tests of the intolerance to food and bio-resonance tests, don’t have anything to do with real, legal, and justified obesity treatment, and they can be extremely dangerous for patients, or even fatal. The medical-nutritional therapy is not possible to download from the Internet since it gets personalized for every patient based on their health condition, individual characteristic, doctor’s diagnosis, comorbidity, and psychological and social status.


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