Centar za nutricionizam i dijetetiku inga markovic

Mood swings are common with season changes. The fall is the time of the year that can lead to feeling tense, depressed, and exhausted after a vacation. The food we eat can greatly affect our mood, so studies have shown that people often subconsciously make the right food choices and change the chemistry in the brain that way, which leads to the improvement of the mood. Sugars and caffeine are the ingredients that most studies have been done on, while it is general knowledge that nutrients from food affect neurotransmitters that control the communication between brain cells and can have either a positive or negative effect on them. The neurotransmitter mostly connected to depression is serotonin. People that suffer from sessional behavior disorder increase the intake of sugar and carbohydrates often, which increases the level of serotonin, and subconsciously consume food that contains antidepressants that way.

Sugars and sweet foods
These groceries have antidepressant substances, but because they are high in calories, it is better to replace them with carbohydrates, especially the complex ones that are present in beans, whole grain pasta, whole grain rice, vegetables, cereals, and whole-grain bread. However, if you reach for the sweets anyway, it is important to restrict their amount. For example, one row of dark chocolate, two to three cookies, one glass of juice, one slice of bread with honey or jam, or one cup of sweetened tea with honey should be enough to satisfy your needs. It is also important to pay attention to when you are consuming such foods since it is best to eat it as your first snack because you can spend that extra number of calories during the rest of the day.

That is a substance that boosts our mood and overall wellbeing, so it is known for its antidepressant properties. People consume this stimulus for centuries, and there is no danger when it comes to health if you are not drinking more than two to three cups a day, of course.

This type of food is full of folic acid, which is a great choice substance this time of the year. The impact of the folic acid on the brain function is truly impressive, while the lack of it leads to the decrease of the serotonin levels in the brain. To overcome this problem, you need to consume just one portion of spinach a day traditionally prepared.

Fish is the main source of selenium, which is extremely important to us since the lack of it leads to melancholy. Studies have shown that light deficiency, which is not noticeable enough and doesn’t cause serious symptoms, affects our mood greatly. So, the fall is an ideal period to have fish on your menu at least two times a week.

Brazilian nut
This ingredient is the richest in selenium, so experts claim that you will not be in a deficiency if you eat just one Brazilian nut a day. These nuts have 2500 times more selenium than other nuts while taking a few of them a day increases the serotonin levels for 100 to 350%.

Its effect on good mood is being talked about more and more, and experts believe that it is connected to the positive effect on the whole body.

Capsaicin from the chili sets off the rush of endorphin in the brain and creates the feeling of momentary euphoria and a good mood.

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